Our History

At Al Rawda Typing we have responsibilities and roles to make sure our customers receive all documentation and immigration services required by the Government of Dubai.

Our purpose is to provide our customers (residence, visitors, families and employees) with fast easy processing all up-to-date and approved by the Ministry and Government of Dubai. Al Rawda was established in 1985 and is proudly owned by 100% percent national ownership. We are the platform in immigration and documentation services in the succeeding years due to our history of reliable, committed and convenient services. We specialize in customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals assist our customers with further information, answer any questions and help guide them with any other inquiries. They obtain work ethic, skill and dedication to ensure pleasant customer experience every time. A growing demand has successfully lead us to extend our services all across Dubai.

our Objectives

Basically our main objectives are the foundation our company was built upon.





These are simply why we maintain the platform in immigration services.