Replace ID card

The UAE ID card is mandatory for all residents of the UAE including UAE nationals, GCC nationals, expatriates and residents of the UAE. Where any person covered by one of these categories is required to apply for a card from the Federal Identity and Nationality Authority.

The required documents

*** Original passport valid in case of request (replacement fee).

 *** The origin of the identity card and the origin of the passport are valid in case of a transaction (replacement due to change of basic data). The original of the digest is also requested if the variable baseline evidence is included in the enrollment summary.

*** The origin of the valid passport and the origin of the identity card in the case of a request for a damaged passport. It is permissible to dispense with the origin of the passport and the copy of the passport in case it has not been amended and provided that an electronic update is available from the Ministry of Interior to verify the recent passport data included in the population registry .

*** Social Security Certificate certified by the Ministry of Community Development.